How to Grab Attention on Exhibition Floor?

It is a wish for every exhibitor to be distinct on the exhibition floor. However, it needs a lot of effort, which is difficult for the most. It is observed, only they succeed who can afford all that is required to make the exhibition effective, although this number is very low. So, what does one need to rise above the rest to grab the attention of the target audiences? Though it is not as simple as it sounds, yet there are a few participants who are very passionate about making their exhibition successful. And they become so influential that they drive the entire show, and become industry leaders. 

Here we will discuss how one can overcome all the hurdles and get all the attention on the exhibition floor: 

What Should be the Approach?

Exhibitions are not just about the appearance of the stand or the content in it or how your representative in the stand talks to the visitors. It is a complete package that must be managed well at the right time, in the right way, at the right place, and by the right people. It requires you to be fully prepared, with quality products and services, positioning of the brand, presentation, demonstration, stand design, booth management, interaction with visitors, and promotions. If you make mistakes in any of these, you might end up with disappointing results.  

How to Stand Out Amidst Established Exhibitors?

Generally, companies give up even before competing when they hear about the presence of established exhibitors because they bear in mind that it is impossible to beat them. But nothing is impossible if you strike all the right notes at the right time. Even a first-timer can break records if it can win the hearts of the visitors. So, winning the hearts of attendees in the event is most crucial. Therefore, you will have to find out how you can win hearts. 

·      Try to Understand the Expectations of the Visitors

Whatever it might take, you must first try to understand what expectations visitors would have while attending the exhibition. The right place to know this is the organiser. You can talk to the event organiser and ask them what kind of people they are expecting in the event and what would they like to see. This might solve much of your doubts. Once you have the answer, try to achieve that within your capacity. You are exhibiting in an exhibition where only your type of business will exhibit. So, the product line will not be the issue. But whatever it be, it would be better if you take some suggestions from the organisers. 

·        Find Out What is Your Visitors’ Expectations from You

This is not easy to understand. You need to be in continuous touch with your prospects through various offline and online surveys and should have constant interaction with them to find out their expectations. So, ensure that you have regular talks with your customers and you do not hesitate in taking feedback for your products and services. Also, make sure you do not fall flat on your promises. If you have committed something to your customers and prospects, then you should be able to meet your commitment. 

·        Figure Out How You Can Fulfil Visitors’ Expectations

This must be done in advance. Because once the exhibition dates are out you will have to prepare for stand design, presentation, and product demonstration. So, make sure you have done all the surveys either offline or online as per your convenience to understand what exactly they miss or what more they want to see in your products and services. Prepare yourself as per their expectations before you exhibit. Nowadays, social media can help you take feedbacks and understand customer expectations. You can use it for this purpose.  

What are the Common Expectations of Visitors?

·        Upgraded Product with New Features

Your existing customers who are happy with your products and services will expect an upgraded version of the same product with new and more advanced features. 

·        Brand New Product Launches

There is a certain section of people who are always looking for brand new product launches. They attend tradeshows and exhibitions hoping to see new product launches and if they like them and find them of their use then they purchase them immediately. 

·        Discounts and Offers

There is another section of people who are always on the lookout for discounts and offers. So, you can plan out something for this section of people, if only you can afford to take the risk of discounts. 

·        Improvement in Make and Performance

Many might have a complaint about the make and many about the performance. So, you will have to come up with a new look for your existing products that are popular with buyers. If there is a problem in performance then without question you will have to work to improve the product performance and come up with a fresh and more dynamic version of the same product. 

·        New Design and Technology

Who does not like new design and technology? However, your products should have some requirements in the day to day lives of people. In the name of new design and technology, you should avoid making anything of your choice because that won’t serve your purpose. Customers are intelligent and they will buy only that much that they need. So, you will have to understand what type of visitors are attending the exhibition. This will help you in deciding. 

·        Business Prospects

There is another section of visitors who attend exhibitions hoping for business prospects. If you too are looking forward to meet such attendees then you can keep your doors open. Every exhibition has got programs for such meets. So, either you can meet your potential business partners in those programs or can even meet them in your stand. Rest you know how to make business deals. Yes, you will have to be prepared for this meet. 

·        Industry Learners and Researchers

There are these types of visitors who are interested in learning about the industry or if you have launched a new product then they might want to do some product review of your product line. Do not disappoint them as you can always use them in your favour if you use them with your right skills. Whoever is representing in your stand should be able to communicate well. If you can convince those who are visiting your booth to understand something about the industry and products you have presented, then you can make a big impact on the show. Because these learners are none other than the researchers or new industry entrants who can help your product look impressive. 

Spread Brand Awareness

·        Social Media

Today social media is the fastest and most apt medium to spread brand awareness. Smartphones have reached even the remotest of places in the world. So, make sure you are present in all the leading social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram LinkedIn, YouTube, etc. Start spreading the word that you are participating in an exhibition and what all new you have for your audience. But, do not divulge your every plan for the show. Tell only that much that would encourage them to visit your stand in the exhibition. 

·        Website

In this 21st century if you still do not have a website then please get it immediately. And if you already have then, make sure you have mentioned your participation in an exhibition in your website. Share all the information that is important for the visitors to know. 

·        Blogging

This is another good way to spread awareness about your participation in exhibitions. Write blogs on your participation and also the event/exhibitions that you are planning to participate in. You can also write about your products and services and the new launches that you are planning in the exhibition. So, create an interest in your audience, so that they feel compelled to visit your exhibition stand. 

·        Word of Mouth

This is another great way to reach out to people and tell about your participation. Tell whomever you meet where you are participating and ask them to visit your booth in the exhibition which will have some surprises for the visitors. 

If you are successful in influencing your audience even before they have attended the exhibition, then they will very likely visit your stand in the exhibition and won’t stop there, rather they might even end up buying some of your products or services and become your loyal customer too. But this will be possible only if you continue to meet your customers’ expectations. 

 Time to Align Your Stand with the Expectation of the Visitors

Once you have understood the expectation and what exactly you need to do to be distinct on the exhibition floor, it is time that you align your visitors’ expectations with your exhibition stand. Yes, your stand should reflect what your brand wants to say and your brand should speak what your customers what to hear. For this, you will have to find a professional and experienced exhibition stand builder and designer. They are aware of the industry and have vast experience of building stands for other companies. They know the trends and techniques and possess in-depth knowledge of the industry requirements. A professional exhibition company would guide you in the right direction and help you reach your event marketing goals. You will only have to tell them your requirements, your expectations, your investment capacity, and what exactly you want to take away from the exhibition. They will design a stand keeping all your objectives and goals in mind. 

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